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We are here to offer a top service where we have your interest and our passion at heart.

Our makeup counter is run from our home studio, where we can offer you the best advise on all beauty makeup brands and what is right for you, our makeup lessons are very tailored to your needs where we give one to one makeup and skincare advice. we know how important it is to love the skin you are in, we can use our expert knowledge to find the perfect products for you.


Makeup masterclass  

Group Makeup Masterclass
Duration: 2 Hours £50pp // 3 hours £75
Location : Home Studio - Billericay
Price £50pp (Min 2 persons- Max 4 persons)

Makeup Masterclass is created by focusing on a look you wish to learn more on, the duration of the master class depends on the looks you wish to create  whether its natural day makeup or night glamour, the look we cover is your choice. Where you will get to watch me work on a model/ or yourself showing you my go to products and my tips and tricks along the way to perfecting my makeup looks. Then its your turn to use my kit and practice on yourselves with my advice guiding you through a new makeup look to add to your handbag. This masterclass can be tailored to your needs, bringing your own makeup bag along is always a great idea if you're stuck on what you should be using. A little goody bag will be supplied for you to take home.
My door would be open at my home studio if you feel you get stuck and needed quick advice after the masterclass. 

Bridal makeup lessons

Duration: Up to 4 Hours of our full attention
Location: La Charlemagne: Home Studio - Billericay, Essex
Price: £90

This is a focused one to one lesson designed to give you the confidence to apply your own makeup professionally lasting all day with the correct primer for your own skin type. Looking a more beautiful polished version of yourself in natural day light and photographs seamlessly on the day. We aim to take the stress away even if we are not there on the day to help create a calm atmosphere. This one to one lesson is great if your getting married abroad and want all the advise you can get to ensure you are a happy bride on the day. 

Together we will design and create your bespoke bridal makeup considering all your key features of your day, dress, hairstyle, season, home or away, flowers and even the time of the wedding. We will explore any favourite makeup looks finding them perfect lashes and eliminate and adapt to create your beautiful fresh bridal makeup.

Contouring makeup lessons 

Duration: Up to 2 Hours of our full attention
Location: La charlemagne Home studio - Billericay, Essex
Price: £60

Contouring has been around for years, it has always be used for theatre to create characters from afar, It is important to igknolwegde the difference between creating a character and enhancing your own beauty, using the top tips in blending makeup with creams and powders to create them perfect chiselled cheeks!

Teaching you, the application process using the correct tools and techniques with the exact shades that you should be using to create that natural enhance beauty that you already have. 

One to one lessons

Location: Home studio, Billericay
2.5 Hours: £65
3.5 hours: £85

Get my full attention with a one to one lesson, where we can focus on any look you wish to learn more on, the lessons are based on hours depending on the look you wish to learn will depend on the hours needed, this will ensure we have plenty of time to cover your desired look. Having trouble perfecting your eye liner with a flick, want to learn the art of blending with the pro brushes? I will share all my tips and tricks to get you as comfortable as possible when working with makeup. I will show you a full look on yourself sharing my favourite products along the way, where you will then have the chance to copy my side, fun way to see where you may need more practice and what your already great at.

I can also assure you by the end of the lesson your face will match my side, Pro in the making! 





Most Asked beauty Questions:

Q: What is the best way to apply foundation?

A: Start by going with what your skin is telling you, it likes to leave you hints. I use a damp beauty blender sponge, where I spritz my face with Mac Fix + as my skin is always screaming for extra hydration, so adding that extra moister and using a patting motion with the beauty blender helps restore my skin when applying my foundation, dry skin/sensitive dosen't like too much movement can cause you to flake so less scrubbing, stroking and more patting. Now if your skin is screaming too much oil on the skin think about how you dont want to spread that excess oil around your face (which can cause more problems), use a brush that will buff off the oil yet apply your foundation, large stern brushes like the kabuki are a good option. 

Bottom line think about your skin first and then let the tool do all the work. 

Q: What foundation should I use if I have oily skin?

This is very much on preference as you can still use pretty much any foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB Cream or mineral powders. Sure you can use a more targeted formula Matte foundation which will prolong the shine to a certain extent as a foundation isn't a mask it camouflages the skin where as a cream/primer will prolong the shine further stopping the oil coming up through the skin onto your foundation. On my clients I use Super Matte Anti Shine- Professional cosmetics by makeup international which comes in 3 shades and can be applied under, on its own and over. With this transparent cream you can achieve a dewy skin with out looking oily by applying this only in the problem area (T-zone) and leaving the cheeks for a natural glow. 

Bottom line go for a targeted base such as a cream/primer, where you can then get away with any coverage of your choice. 

Q: How can you get a smokey eye using minimal Products? 

Blacks or browns, which one is for you? Smokey is about just that smoking it out with the effortless look. I would suggest a cream based product for this look, they are easy to blend and the depth stays put. Mac Paint pots are great for this apply a base all over and then add your smoked out colour of your choice and blend away don't worry about staying in the lines its smokey, you can always go in later with a cotton-pud to tidy up any areas you feel needs to be toned down. I love Mac paint pots in Rebenesque patted all over my lid where I then go in with Blacktrack gel liner for a strong black and blend away from the outer corners of my eye, to finish the look I add a gold sparkle in the centre to create that pop against the jet black, curly my lashes add mascara and ta daaaa we have a smokey eye.









Theses are my views and options that I find have helped me achieve the best results on myself and my clients I cant guarantee that the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.